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Sweet Peep

April 20, 2011

For some kids, and just possibly some adults, Easter is synonymous with sugar. Some brilliant candy makers decided to take sugar, puff it with air, and then dip it in more sugar, giving us the Peep. Love them or hate them, there is something anyone can do with the colored marshmallows: make a diorama!

We took a cue from the Washington Post and held a competition, with surprising results. In first place, “Mary Peepins”:

Photo by Tyler Hoff

Following close behind in second place, “Peepception”:

Photo by Tyler Hoff

And honorable mention, “Let my ‘Peeple’ Go”:

Photo by Tyler Hoff

Look for the full article, along with some fascinating peep facts, in tomorrow’s Collegian!

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  1. Christi Willette permalink
    April 22, 2011 12:30 am

    These are awesome! How creative! 🙂 Y’all should post them here: ..It’s a “Peep Show” challenge on Food2 .. check out the “Starry Sky O’Peeps” .. kind of cute!

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