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En Masse Made Easy

April 18, 2011

Every Sunday, I cook food for sixty-plus people. Sometimes I go the easy route and put animal crackers in pretty bowls, but sometimes I go the fun route and concoct something a little more creative.

When you cook for a lot of stomachs, the last thing you want is to spend 6 hours on something that will disappear in 6 minutes. There are other options!

Take, for instance, this week’s Fruit Shooters. They’re light, subtly sweet and satisfying.

Start with pound cake:

And some fruit. This is where you can get creative. For something safe and summer-y, try strawberries and pineapple. If you like a little more tang, substitute kiwi for the pineapple, or for a little more substance, throw in some bananas. For today, I used blackberries and raspberries. I cut the berries in small slices to make them more sprinkle-able and to make them go farther:

And some lite vanilla yogurt. We’re making dessert healthy, folks:

Cube or crumble the cake:

And layer it in shooters. Cake + fruit + yogurt+ more cake + more yogurt + more fruit:

And repeat:

Serve with a hearty dish of warm weather and a side of spring breezes.

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